We are looking for applicants with enthusiasm and initiative. Previous event management experience is an asset but not required. If you have any questions feel free to email us at utscartsa@gmail.com.

The positions available are listed below and the description for each position is outlined.

Executive Assistant:
Duties shall include, but are not limited to assisting in the management of the organization, such as working with the Chair, and other officers to establish an agenda and minutes for each meeting; updating valid reporting and documentation of the organization’s operations. To maintain accurate files, the Executive Assistant must be present at the majority of executive meetings held or appoint another executive member to act in his/her place in situations where he/she may not be present.

Financial Team

Development Officer:
Takes a lead role in creating and developing fundraising initiatives for ARTSA, writing grant proposals for student funding under the approval of the executive officers and signing Chair, and will be in charge of securing and drafting agreements for any additional corporate partners.

Responsible for drafting, overseeing, and maintaining the annual budget as approved by the executive team and ARTSA members. Other duties shall include, but are not limited to: financial reporting such as balance sheets, cash flow, income statement, and transaction receipts; coordinating with executive officers for the allocation of funds and reimbursement receipts. The treasurer, along with the Chair, will act as a signing officer on all financial documents.

Marketing Team

Marketing Lead:
Oversees all operations in the marketing team. Those positions include Communication Officer, Branding and Design Officer, and the Web Officer.

Communication Officer:
Carries out the task of disseminating information to designated sources delegated by the Marketing Lead.

Graphic Designer:
Carries out and creates promotional imagery which is aligned with ARTSA’s purpose and vision, along with approval by members. Additional duties include creating and printing various advertising materials such as flyers, posters, banners, brochures and presentations. Promotional materials will be approved and coordinated with under the marketing lead. Additional duties include photographing events.

Responsible for, but not limited to: Being present at ARTSA events to photograph and/or videograph for documentation purposes.

Programming Team

Programming Lead:
Oversees all operations of the team and its members. Deals with the recruitment of potential students into the Arts,Culture, and Media department, campus outreach to engage current students and alumni in artistic programming across disciplines, liaison with the Arts, Culture, and Media chair in hiring and research processes on behalf of the department, takes a lead in election preparation and implementation, provide students with resources and mentor guidance for academic and career advancement.

Programming Officer(s):
Reports directly to the Programming Lead, and acts on behalf of all students enrolled in Arts, Culture and Media courses to voice their opinions, concerns, and answer all inquiries pertaining to on campus issues. Organizing seminars and workshops related to professional development; working closely with the Marketing team to ensure presence at recruitment events on campus finding opportunities for students in which we will help to contribute to educational and experiential advancement.