Affiliations and Partners


SCSU is the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, the official representative of all undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).  SCSU democratically unites, represents, and provides avenues for mutual empowerment of the diverse 10,000 members of the undergraduate student body of UTSC. We are committed to providing effective advocacy, enriching the university experience, and addressing student needs and interests through the delivery of exemplary services.

UTSC Music Society

The UTSC Music Society (formerly the UTSC Music Ambassadors Program) was founded in 2008 to support music on our campus, and to encourage life-long engagement in music. UMS runs several music groups including the Community Concert Band, Community Concert Choir, Organized Sound and Vocomotive. Check us out on Facebook

UTSC Drama Society

The UTSC Drama Society is a non-profit organization at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus. We like to showcase and provide opportunities for UTSC students who have the talent and passion for drama and the theatre. We constantly work in a theatrical environment through the production of, but not limited to, live performances (such as student productions and improv) and workshops. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a playwright, or interested in backstage work, we have a place for you! For questions and inquiries, please contact us at

Scarborough Fusion Radio

Scarborough Fusion Radio is the official radio station of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Operating simply as CSCR for the majority of its existence, UTSC’s radio recently underwent a major face lift; beginning with a new station, creating a new name – and overall a new image in the process – and culminating with, for the first time ever, a mascot! Scarborough Fusion Radio is run entirely by volunteers consisting of the students of UTSC and members of the Scarborough community and owned and operated by Scarborough Campus Community Radio Incorporated (SCCR Inc.).

Improv at UTSC

Improv at UTSC is made up of people who like to act, be silly, and have fun. Membership to Improv at UTSC is free and can be obtained by attending at least 3 Game Nights or 2 General Meetings. At our pre-scheduled Game Nights we play improv games (and some ice-breakers to start the fun). At our General Meetings we provide the opportunity for non-executive members to get involved in more executive club matters such as what games to play, Game Night scheduling, who gets fired/hired (non-pay), and other important matters. Check out Improv at UTSC on Facebook:


ARTSIDEOUT is a large scale, one-day, multi-disciplinary arts festival that celebrates arts and culture at UTSC in both physical and conceptual spaces. Involving the widest possible range of students from different programs and backgrounds, the event celebrates creativity and culture at U of T Scarborough. The festival showcases site-specific art installations, exhibitions, performances, concerts, musical acts, and film screenings. By using non-traditional spaces to exhibit creative works, ARTSIDEOUT aims to reveal the potential that is inherent in the everyday life and spaces of the U of T Scarborough campus.


Shutterbugs is UTSC’s own Photography Club.  Their group includes professional photographers to people just starting out.  Their goal as a club is to further develop skills in photography as well as create a welcoming community for individuals of all skills and interest levels.  They regularly host tutorials on topics ranging from taking photos to editing them, and hold regular Photowalks as a way of getting to know the members, the campus and the city.  If you are interested in Photography, Shutterbugs is definitely the club for you!


Scarborough Campus Artist Network (SCAN) is a visual arts club at the University of Toronto Scarborough. While our primary goal is to serve students in the Studio program at UTSC, events are open and free (or at minimal cost) to all students, staff, faculty and alumni on campus and in the local community. All efforts are focussed on supporting young emerging artists, by providing valuable opportunities and experiences to learn, have fun, connect with other artists and people who have similar interests and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to building careers in the professional arts field. For more information, please contact us at:

The Underground

The Underground has been UTSC’s official student publication for more than 30 years and we cater to more than 10,000 students, faculty, and staff. We are a bi-weekly publication that welcomes advertisements in both our print and online publications. The Underground is a champion of investigative and opinion journalism and we take pride in our unique magazine format. By being the only student paper specifically design for the UTSC community, The Underground is the most comprehensive of source for campus news. Student media at it’s finest, without bias.