About Us

ARTSA was first established by a small group of ACM students in the winter of 2013 as the official DSA (departmental student association) of the ACM department. The young DSA is growing along with its student body and operates by a constitution.

Our Purpose

  • To have an active role in the recruitment of potential and new students to engage in activities that encompass the breadth of the ACM department;
  • To build and connect the ACM community across disciplines by engaging students, faculty, staff and alumni through the creation of programming and resources;
  • To act as a liason between students and the broader Arts, Culture, and Media communities to promote lifelong engagement;
  • To act as a voice for all students in the Arts, Culture and Media department at the University of Toronto Scarborough, addressing and relaying their concerns to the administration, faculty, and other student organizations where appropriate.

Our Mission

As the Department Student Association, our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and development in the fields they study, to help design and build this Arts, Culture and Media Department community, and to support students in career advancement. ARTSA will carry this out through social, academic, internal and external recruitment events. As the DSA, we stand as professional students and carry ourselves and our actions that reflect the department of Arts, Culture and Media.